Making the most of the glorious weather

Another lovely day, managed to get the washing line full before 9am to make the most of the sunshine and the breeze.  Seeing a line full of clean washing flapping in the breeze on a sunny day makes me feel ridiculously happy – not sure I could say why though!?

We went for another bike ride today – small person has really found her cycle legs and was not phased by another long bike ride.  We took a picnic and stayed out for a good few hours.   We had a game of hide and seek after our picnic lunch and then spent a while looking for interesting sticks and leaves?

Homemade steak and mushroom pie for dinner with veg, roasties and gravy and very good it was too.

I have to confess to being rather fond of a good action film so am watching Channel 5 and Olympus Has Fallen so I will catch up with Poldark on the I-player tomorrow.

And I have just seen the new Warburton ad with Sylvester Stallone – a perfect end to a great day!

Menu for the week:

Monday: homemade tuna fishcakes with salad

Tuesday:  pasta with bacon, spring onions and tomatoes

Wednesday: oven baked white fish with butter herb crust, mashed potatoes, steamed veg and parsley sauce

Thursday:  homemade monster sausage roll with salad

Friday:  homemade fish and chips

Hope you all had a good weekend


2 thoughts on “Making the most of the glorious weather

  1. Your menu plan has reminded me that we’ve not had a sausage plait for ages – so thank you for the nudge.


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