Knitting. sewing and a book review

Small person was back to school today and there was some last minute panicking this morning when I realised I hadn’t sewn name tags on her new summer uniform dresses – they do only take a minute to sew in so she wasn’t late but I was cross with myself given that I had had two weeks to do them!

I spent the day doing dissertation marking – but I can do this at home so was able to get washing on the line and make the most of the weather.

The knitting is coming on – but much more slowly than it should.   I had hoped the have the front finished now but I’ve still got a way to go:


It is just as well I am planning ahead and that this is a jumper for small person for next winter rather than a light jumper for spring!

One of the books I picked up last week in my little bit of book shopping retail therapy was Gladys Mitchell’s ‘Here Comes a Chopper’.  I finished this over the weekend and it was a great read.   I have been a fan of GM for some years but I have not read all of her books as they are quite hard to get hold of but Vintage have, over the last few years, been releasing new editions of her books.   Here Comes a Chopper was, in my opinion, classic Mitchell.   Mrs Bradley was suitably ruthless in solving the crime and the reader was given many clues and red herrings along the way.  If you are a fan of golden age crime fiction but haven’t read any Mitchell then do give her a try.

A thank you to Sue over at Our Quiet Life in Suffolk for putting me on her blog list, I really enjoy her blog, and I do feel genuinely flattered that she considers mine worth reading.


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