Simple pasta dish and lots more washing

This wonderful weather has rather conveniently coincided with me being able to work from home – no I’m not sunning myself in the garden but I am going to run out of things to wash soon.  The line was full of washed blankets today, all dried beautifully in the sun and are now put away (but not too far back in the cupboard because it is too early in the year to think that we might not have any more chilly nights).  I had no clothes or linen to wash and I wanted to see something on the line because the sun was so lovely!   I am wondering if I was a washerwoman in a previous life.

Today, other than washing blankets, the day was spent doing some writing for work.

Dinner tonight was a simple pasta dish – here is what I made:


Streaky bacon – chopped

Cherry tomatoes – halved

Spring onions – chopped

Soft cheese – couple of tablespoonfuls

Spaghetti pasta


Fry off the bacon and then add the tomatoes and spring onions. Cook the spaghetti.  Add the soft cheese and as it melts down spoon in a ladleful of the pasta cooking water to slacken the soft cheese sauce, add a few twists of pepper to taste, drain pasta and add to the bacon and vegetables, give it a good mix and dish up.


Simple but really delicious.

Time to get on with some knitting now.


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