Charity shop finds and some plans for a little bit of sewing.

 I had an appointment with the dental hygienist today so while I was in town I thought I would have a browse around the charity shops and was pleased to find a couple of needed items.


We have had a series of breakages with mugs recently and so I was pleased to find these in the local British Heart Foundation shop for 98p each.


A pair of jeans for £2.50.  Now that teaching has finished and I am working from home more the smarter clothes are not needed as much and I live in jeans so as I only have to pairs at the moment I thought an extra pair would be useful.


And I couldn’t resist another visit to the charity book shop where I was able to pick up some more crime fiction.

I have some sewing planned for the next day or so.   A little while ago I picked up these rather wonderful LK Bennett shoes:


But I don’t have a bag to go with them.  I have been looking but haven’t seen anything I like so have decided that I should make a bag.  I popped to the haberdashery and picked up some supplies.


I have got some green velvet and I thought the floral fabric would make a very nice lining and the white at the back of the photo is facing for structure.   I think I will keep it simple and do a roomy envelope clutch.   I am planning to make a start on it tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Charity shop finds and some plans for a little bit of sewing.

  1. That is a great idea to make the bag to match the very nice shoes. Its lovely working from home isn’t it? the posth clothes stay in the wardrobe and you can go colourful and crazy!


  2. Good finds, very pretty mugs. I like Edward Marston – have read loads as he’s been writing for years, can’t get on with Gladys Mitchell, don’t know why. Ngaio Marsh I’ve just started to read yet they’ve been around since the 1930s! I don’t know the other 2 authors.


    1. Marston has been on my ‘to-read’ list for a while and I thought I would start with the railway ones as they are set in the 19th century, they had lots of his to choose from in the shop but I plumped for the railway detective one first, though I plan to branch out. I think Gladys Mitchell is a bit of a marmite author and I have read some of hers that are quite poor – quantity/quality issue at times with her. Ngaio Marsh has also been on my to-do list for a while too as I do love Golden Age crime fiction but, like you, had not yet got around to her. I don’t know anything about Cameron McCabe but, to be honest, I bought it because it was a green Penguin Crime Classic which generally implies quality – we shall see. I’ve read the Mapp and Lucia books of E. F Benson but never any of his crime so…..


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