A bit of sewing, a bit of knitting and a bit of writing

No photos today as I forgot to take them when the light was good.    Well I have made good progress with the bag and will finish it up tomorrow and post a photo then.   I think it has come together rather well.   It was hardly a complicated design – a simple envelope clutch – but I want it to look good and I think it does.   You can give me your verdict tomorrow.

I am also just a few rows from finishing the front of the jumper I have been knitting for small person and so I will hopefully get those few rows done tonight or in the morning.

I did do some work today!   I am working on a journal article on something outside my usual area of research so am feeling a bit unsure about it but, nothing ventured nothing gained etc.

Lots of washing on the line again today as the weather is still good.  We had monster sausage roll for dinner tonight (and I made one for the freezer at the same time) which was good.  DSCN1419[1] This photo is from a November post when I gave my ‘recipe’ not the one I made tonight. OH and small person had baked beans with theirs but I had a huge pile of diced cherry tomatoes.

Weekly shop at Aldi tomorrow morning and then a bit more writing and a bit more sewing until it is time for small person to come home.    OH cooks tomorrow – Friday is always chip night, homemade fish and chips with mushy peas.  Salad for lunch I think.

I have started reading the James Runcie Granchester Mystery book that I picked up last week (Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death), so far so good.

Until tomorrow…


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