Bag making success

The bag is finished.    If you have read this blog over the last couple of days you will know that I had recently picked up a new pair of shoes (did I mention that I got them from the charity shop – still had the original labels on so someone bought them and then changed their mind – lucky me).  Anyway, they are LK Bennett (so not shoes I would ever buy full price) but I didn’t have and couldn’t find a bad to go with them.

These are the shoes:


I decided to make a bag, so fabric was purchased:


Finished item:



I think I need to get better at taking photos and thinking about lighting but hopefully these pictures are good enough for you to see the finished result.   I am pleased with it.  It is possibly bigger that it really needs to be but not ridiculously so and I am not a big fan of teeny tiny clutch bags that you can’t fit anything in.  I took a close up of the button so you could see how it matches the lining.

So I now have new shoes and a new bag, all I need now is a reason to wear/use them! I’m kidding I don’t buy myself new shoes for no reason. In actual fact the bag and shoes will get an outing tomorrow evening when we are meeting up with various parts of the family for a meal out.


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