A bit more knitting

Another lovely day today, lots of washing done and dried in the sunshine and breeze.   It does make such a difference when you can just put the washing out and forget about it and not have to keep looking up at the sky to check for rain.   I do try to get washing out all year round but sometimes, in the winter months, it can feel is if you spend most of the time running in and out to check the weather.

I have finally finished the front of the jumper for small person.   Now I just need to get the sleeves done.   Goodness, it does feel as if this jumper is taking an absolute age.


We had the roast tonight that I didn’t cook yesterday – a very nice piece of pork leg with roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots and gravy.   I normally try to keep weekday dinners quite simple but the pork needed to be cooked as it had previously been frozen.   Something a little less time-consuming tomorrow.

I think I shall now catch up with last night’s Poldark and make a start on those jumper sleeves.

Until tomorrow….


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