Making mincemeat of nasty nits

I haven’t really made actual edible mincemeat out of nits I just felt like a bit of alliteration this Tuesday evening.

Small person has been attending school and, before that, pre-school for 4 and a half years now and just before the Easter holidays I discovered she had acquired head lice.  This is the first time she has had them so I guess we’ve been quite lucky to dodge that particular bullet until now.

You can get rid of the living insects (the lice)  in the first treatment if you are thorough but the lice lay eggs  – the nits – and these really attach themselves to the hair and can take longer to get rid of.  I wanted to make sure the treatment regime I had used had really worked before I posted about it.

I decided not to use commercial products but to go down the essential oil route and the regime I followed has been successful and small person is completely clear.

This is the regime I followed in case it is of any use to anyone.

In the first instance I put one drop of tea tree essential oil and one drop of lavender essential oil in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and massaged this in to her scalp and worked in through her hair.   This was left for a couple of hours.

Her hair was then washed twice.  I make my own castile shampoo from homemade castile soap (I will do a post about this soon).  To the shampoo I added two drops of lavender essential oil.

After the shampoo had been washed out her hair was given a final rinse with apple cider vinegar to which two drops of lavender essential oil had been added.

We then combed her hair through very carefully with a fine toothed comb to remove the lice.

This treatment did remove all the living lice and a lot of the eggs (nits) but even after all this we could still see some eggs (or nits) attached to the shafts of hair.

We therefore repeated this regime every three days for a fortnight until her head was completely clear.     I am now adding a drop of lavender to her shampoo at every wash as a preventative measure.

Small person was very patient through all of this and her hair looked wonderful with the regular oil treatments.

Until tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Making mincemeat of nasty nits

  1. O i remember sitting with our 3 girls and doing their hair for hours..they all had long hair and it took forever to do seriously didn’t help that the girl they sat with was absolutely covered in them..fingers crossed with the smaller 2 we won’t get them..i like your natural solution to this and i will definitely try it..when are you doing about your shampoo?


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