Crime fiction review

I seem to have been doing more reading than making or crafting recently so I thought I would give you a few book verdicts  from my recent charity shop book buying spree.  I do have a crafting post planned for tomorrow though.


This is the second novel by Linda Stratmann that I have read recently.   The central character of Frances Doughty continues to be well-fleshed out, the book isn’t terribly sophisticated but the plot rolls along nicely.   The period detail is good.  There was enough going on the plot to keep it interesting and it was an enjoyable and quick read.


For me not one of Mitchell’s best.  There were too many characters who simply weren’t convincing and the plot was chaotic.  Mitchell writes well when she explores the psychology of criminal acts and criminal minds and when she raises questions about whether, if a crime is for the greater good, it can be acceptable.  She does neither of these things here.


I really enjoyed this.   It is 6 short cases rather than one long novel, very much in the format of the ACD Sherlock Holmes cases.   There are a small stock of main characters who appear in each story alongside the  main protagonist Sidney Chambers and the individual cases were well plotted and intriguing.  There appear to be two other Sidney Chambers books available so I will keep an eye out for them in the library  and/or charity shop.

Back tomorrow with a post on a big hand sewing crafting project.


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