An on-going hand-sewing project

This is a bit of a confession – I have had a large hand sewing project on the go for a very long time.  I’m not talking weeks or even months but years……


This hand sewn patchwork quilt is older than small person.   Oh the shame……..

Many years ago I bought myself a template and started cutting out cardboard shapes:


I started collecting remnants of fabric, purchased wadding, tacked the pieces of cut fabric and wadding on to the cardboard and then started sewing 7 pieces together to make a ‘flower’ and then sewed the flowers together and slowly it grew, removing the cardboard and tacking from the inner pieces as it grew outward.


There have been long periods of time when it has been put away and not touched (the first four years of small persons life being  one particularly long remission!).  I started doing it with no knowledge of quilting whatsoever, I knew nothing about particular patterns or styles (and still don’t) I just wanted to sew complimentary bits of fabric together and make a ‘quilt’.


I realise there are probably proper quilters looking at what I have done in horror, I have probably broken every quilting rule in the book.  Whilst I don’t think I will ever make another quilt I do intend to finish this one.  It needs to be finished to a more regular shape and then backed.

So I thought it was time to do a blog post about it in the hope that mentioning it on here will make me finish it.  I do want to finish it and I think it will be quite lovely when finished but it has been hanging around so long that it has become more of a chore than a pleasure.

However taking these photographs and writing about it here has made me appreciate the time invested so far.  The colours are lovely and it deserves to be finished.  Watch this space.



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