Knitting complete – just the sewing up to do!

At last, the jumper that I feel as though I have been working on for ages is complete – well the pieces are knitted and pressed, just the sewing up to do – so that is the rest of my evening sorted.


There is no knitting planned for a while, as per my post the other evening I need to get on with this:


a hand-sewn patchwork quilt that is older than small person.   There is quite a lot to do so, if I am honest, I know I will probably break up the work with some other small makes here and there.  I think the trick will be not to put it properly away again.  If it goes away where I can’t see it then I will forget about it.   I’d like to get it finished before we move but that might be a bit optimistic!  We shall see……

Other than that a nice day here, plenty of washing dried on the line – we managed to avoid the showers that were forecast and it was fairly sunny and nice and windy so a good drying day.    Lots of writing done for work too, so a productive day all round.

Until tomorrow…


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