Knitting all sewn-up and some quilt pieces cut.

Today has been quite a productive day, I revisited some old work research that I had put on the shelf for a while and started to think about how I might do something with it.  It needs quite a bit of work yet but it will be a worthwhile project.

On the crafting side of things I got small person’s jumper all sewn up.  It needs a gentle wash and a good press but it is in one piece now and can be put away for the winter.  The knitting needles will be put away for a while now while I get on with some other things.


I also sorted out the fabric I want to use to finish the quilt and cut some pieces and wadding.  I am going to do a little bit of hand sewing now.


I have a lot of pieces still to sort and make to get it in to a regular shape (as you can see from the picture below) but I have made a start.


Very wet day here today so no washing on the line!   But I did managed to fill another bag to go to the charity shop so the pre-move decluttering is progressing in a steady fashion.   The hallway is now filled with bags of stuff which we will get rid of at the weekend.  There is also our very large tv to take to the tip.  It is about 15 years old and two nights ago the tube finally went.   We knew it was on its way out – the picture had had a very green tinge to it for a while now.  We had my late mum’s tv stashed away in a cupboard for some years now.  It was practically brand new when she died so we kept it but haven’t used it, and now that has been retrieved from the cupboard and put to use. I know that OH would like a super-duper new HD flat screen tv but I am quite happy to make do until this tv gives up the ghost.   It is a good few years old but as it has hardly ever been used it should probably last a while – much to OH’s disappointment.


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