Quilting ‘flowers’ and some plans for clothes making

My new-found zeal for getting my quilt finished is having definite results.    Progress made last night and for an hour earlier today has meant that three ‘flowers’ are nearly ready to add to the quilt.

This one is complete:


Another one with all the outside pieces sewn to the central piece by with the outside pieces needing to be sewn together:


And another one coming together:


I will remove all the white tacking stitches when they are attached to the main quilt.

Yesterday, when I was sorting out the material to make these extra pieces I found some fabric in my stash that I bought last year and did nothing with.  The intention then was to make some summer clothes for small person and, perhaps, something for me.   I have now put this material in the drawer of my craft desk and I will do something with it this year.

I thought that with this material I could make small person a pair of summer trousers:


A dress for her out of this:


I thought, maybe, the stripes horizontal on the top of the dress and vertical on the skirt part.

And I quite fancy making myself a summer skirt from this:


But for tonight a little more quilt piece sewing and The Last Leg Election Special on Channel 4.

Until tomorrow…


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