How to make perfect cous cous

I hope you have all had a good Bank Holiday Monday.   We did get out for our bike ride and picnic which was great.  The weather was lovely and it was nice to get some fresh air and exercise.    I also got two loads of washing out on the line before we set off.  I really should change the name of this blog to Widow Twanky’s Washing Blog.

We stayed out for a long time and I needed to get straight on with dinner when we got back.   We had chicken thighs, cous cous and roasted vegetables for dinner so I thought I would share my cous cous ‘recipe’ and instructions.

I don’t buy the small packets of very expensive, ready flavoured cous cous but the big bag of plain cous cous,  This recipe will serve four.

275grams cous cous

500ml stock

salt and pepper

knob of butter

First put the dry grains in a heat proof bowl:


Then add 500ml of hot stock (as we were out for most of the day I didn’t get round to making stock from the chicken carcasses we had so I used chicken stock cubes)


Add a twist of salt and pepper, give a mix with a fork then cover and leave until needed (this will need to stand for 10 minutes minimum).


After the cous cous has stood for the required time fork through a knob of butter and you have a bowlful of fluffy cous cous.

We had this with roasted chicken thighs and roasted peppers and carrots.



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