The perils/pleasures of blog reading!

I am blaming Sue over at Our Quiet Life in Suffolk!  I’m kidding – I am actually grateful to her (if potentially poorer), this post is because of one of hers from the other week.   She wrote about Persephone Books in a post on 29th April.

This should link to her post:

The post mentioned the Biannually magazine that they send out for free (twice a year – obviously!).  I ordered my copy and it arrived on Saturday.   It is a really interesting little magazine with great content – so far so good.  But enclosed with the magazine was, of course, a catalogue.   Hardly surprising as the publishing house want to sell their books, the problem is that I now want to buy lots of them.   First perusal of the catalogue gives me a shortlist of 24!   At a cost of £12 each or 3 for £30 plus £2 post and packing per book, well – that’s a lot of money.   The first perusal of the catalogue didn’t give me just a short list, I also have a long list!

So I was delighted to read Sue’s recommendation of Persephone Biannually and to then order and receive my free copy but now can’t stop coveting lots of beautiful new books!


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