Quilting progress

I am getting on with ‘the quilt’.  I am really enjoying working on it again.   There is no denying that there is still plenty to do though.    Here is the latest photograph:


If I put the photo up of how far I had got before I started work on it again last week:


You can see I have filled the spaces along the two long sides.   The next task is to start to square up either end which at the moment go to a bit of a point. I have quite a few pieces cut out so I will be working on them tonight while watching Channel 4 election night coverage.

Had to go in to work today to pick up a load of exam marking so that will keep me busy over the next few weeks.   A lovely day today for getting washing dry so I got three loads washed and put out and all was dry when collected in.

When I picked small person up from school I took her with me while I voted.  She has been asking lots of questions about the election, she has picked up lots of information from the constant coverage over the past 6+ weeks, so we have been trying to encourage her interest in an age-appropriate way.

Until tomorrow…


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