Teaching, a little book shopping and a menu plan

I trotted off to bed early last night and got a good 9 hours sleep.  It doesn’t quite make up for the complete lack of sleep on Thursday night but it’s a start.

I had to work this morning – I also teach for the Open University and so taught a few sessions on a pre-exam study day but was home by mid afternoon.   We popped in to town and I did a bit more book shopping from the charity book shop:


An Anthony Trollope that I haven’t read.   The Delafield I  have read extracts of and heard on the radio but never actually read all the way through so I will enjoy that.   I read the first Edward Marston Railway Detective novel last week and really enjoyed it so picked up a few more from that series.  And, another Gladys Mitchell – one I have read before but a library copy so I am pleased to have my own copy.  I am also working on an academic paper on Mitchell so I can justify buying it for work purposes.  Do I need to justify it?

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday:  homemade burgers, potato wedges and salad

Sunday:  Homemade chicken pie (from the freezer) mash, veg and gravy

Monday:  Tuna, pasta salad

Tuesday:  Chilli and rice

Wednesday: Jacket potatoes, with cheese and bacon, salad

Thursday:  Soup (chicken) and bread, both homemade

Friday:  Homemade fish and chips

Hope you have all had a good Saturday and enjoyed the lovely sunshine (if you have had some)


2 thoughts on “Teaching, a little book shopping and a menu plan

  1. That was a really good haul from the charity shop.
    I’ve enjoyed all Edward Marstons railway detective books but I’m now reading his first in a new series of historical crime about the Bow Street Rivals – and it’s dreadful! He is a very prolific writer and really churns out the books.
    Love The Diary Of a Provincial lady still funny after all these years. I’ve tried a Gladys Mitchell but just couldn’t get on with it, but now I’ve read a few other early 20th century crime writers I may try her again.
    I’m unlikely ever to read Trollope!


    1. Thanks for the tip about the new Edward Marston series. The lady in the charity bookshop spoke to me yesterday about Gladys Mitchell, after my buying several Mitchell books recently she thought she would give one a try and said to me yesterday, ‘I’m so glad you have come in again, I thought I would give Gladys Mitchell a go but, well, Mrs Bradley is no Miss Marple is she!’ We had a laugh and a chat about it because Mrs Bradley is SO different from the likes of Miss Marple or Miss Silver. I am not suggesting that is why you didn’t enjoy the Mitchell books by the way, just how ‘Marmite’ Mitchell can be, Mrs Bradley is not a sympathetic central protagonist at all. I love Trollope, a colleague of mine recently set herself the target of reading every Trollope novel within the space of one year – and she did it. I intend to read them all (have read about half to date) but have not set myself a time-frame!


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