Sewing boxes

Recently I have seen lots of posts, on a variety of blogs, all about sewing rooms, beautiful spaces totally devoted to craft and pleasure.

I don’t have a sewing room and my sewing supplies are not wonderfully organised.  My fabric stash is kept in two big plastic, lidded  containers in the bottom of the wardrobe.  This is better than things were a year or so ago when all my fabric was just in odd bags, put in odd places wherever I could find room.  I think it would be nice to have a designated crafting space/room but then I do lots of crafting – hand sewing, knitting, crochet – when I am watching tv.   Perhaps a designated sewing machine space would mean that I do more machine sewing than I currently do.  Perhaps when we move I will be able to set up a designated space.  It seems silly to do it here now, when we will be moving so soon.

The one thing, in terms of sewing organisation, that I could perhaps tackle in the meantime would be my sewing box collection.  I have three.   There is one that I use more than the others but I do often find myself rummaging around in one of the other ones when I am looking for something I can’t find in the main one.  The problem is none of them are big enough to hold everything. Maybe I should get a sewing suitcase.

This is my least favourite of the three – it is just a very large tin that some fancy hair straighteners came in.   Interestingly I use the tin more than I do the hair straighteners!


In this one are some spare buttons, a spare pair of scissors, some cards of poppers and a load of small reels of not particularly good quality cotton that someone gave me.  I keep them because there are a nice variety of colours and they come in handy for small mending jobs.


This one belong to my mum and for as far back as I can remember it sat by the side of her chair in the corner of the sitting room and was brought up on to her lap as soon as any mending needed doing.  Now there are a few spare reels of cotton in it, some zips and lots of ribbon.   This is not a sewing box I could ever get rid of though even if I did manage to organise all my supplies.  It used to play music but it hasn’t done this for a very long time.


This is my main sewing box, it holds the majority of my cotton supplies, but to be honest it is getting a bit full, various pairs of scissors and a few boxes of pins.   I found this one in a charity shop some years ago, it don’t normally do things with cutesy pictures of teddy bears on but it was a good size, well made and in perfect condition and cost only a few pounds.

I think the tin is the one to lose, it has no sentimental value (unlike the one which was my mums) and I’ll keep the bear  one until I find something bigger that can hold everything and then make my mum’s sewing box a jewellery box and donate the bear one back to the charity shop.

I quite like the idea of a sewing box/footstool.


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