Should bunting be a guilty secret?!

The other day I was reading a thread on a message board that I look at occasionally and there was a debate about how sad it was to like bunting.   Various contributors to the post were despairing of people they knew who had bought or made bunting, going to great lengths to explain how the women (it was usually women they were talking about) were otherwise quite sane and often quite intelligent but the fact that they had indulged in some bunting implied a regressive lapse in to some sort of oppressed, infantilised pre-feminist state.

I had no idea that a few triangles of fabric could reveal so much about a person!

Well whatever it may reveal about me I am happy to confess to being quite partial to a bit of bunting and can confess to having made 3 different lots over the last few years.

We had a street party for the jubilee in 2012 so I offered to make some bunting.  I made knitted red, white and blue bunting for this.


I made some gingham bunting for small person’s birthday party two years ago:


This was just simply cut with pinking shears and colour patterned.

A year ago small person was going through a pirate phase and so she wanted a pirate themed birthday party, I couldn’t resist making some pirate bunting:


This was made with slightly more finesse than the gingham bunting, double sided – just generally a bit more neat and tidy.

I do sometimes put the gingham bunting up in the garden in the summer.

Should I feel oppressed, infantilised and generally less of a self-sufficient educated woman for liking a bit of bunting!!


2 thoughts on “Bunting

  1. O i love bunting..and i am completely sane ,i think. Some people just don’t appreciate bunting..its easy to make and pretty..


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