Decluttering – when to get rid of the baby stuff!

In between exam script marking today I did a bit of decluttering and came across a pile of baby blankets and cot/pram sheets I had made.

I remember when I was pregnant being amazed and the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ that you could be fooled in to thinking you (and your baby) would need.   Of course you can’t have a baby without making some preparations but you can resist the consumer tsunami that can wash over you.   I guess what a baby needs most is food, shelter, warmth and love.

I remember also being stunned at how much money it is possible to make off the backs of newborn babies and new parents.   I made all the cot and pram sheets for small person by cutting up big double bed sheets that we had as spares.   It took very little time and saved a fortune!  Out of each double sheet I made about eight cot/pram sheets.  I had a warm flannelette sheet for the colder months (she was born in February) and cut up a cooler thin cotton sheet for when the warmer weather came.


I also knitted lots of blankets rather than buying them.


All the blankets in the above picture were knitted while I was pregnant except the pink one (we didn’t know which flavour we were expecting so I kept the knitting neutral).  I did make one pink blanket after she was born.

None of this baby stuff is needed anymore so I guess it all needs to be bagged up with the other stuff for the charity shop so that someone else can make use of it.

Decluttering can be hard!


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