Some recipes from our Middle Eastern feast

As mentioned yesterday we had a lovely Middle Eastern style buffet last night and I thought I would share some recipes from it with you.

Homemade falafel:

These are so easy to make and taste so much better (in our opinion) than any you can buy).

Take one cup of dried chickpeas and soak in water overnight (so you do need to plan ahead).

Next day drain well and put in a food processor.

Add some spinach (we always use frozen and add 2 pieces of frozen spinach – obviously allowing it to defrost)

One teaspoon dried coriander

One teaspoon cumin

Half a medium onion

Salt and pepper

Garlic – to your own tastes preference, we add a couple of cloves.

Blitz all the ingredients together and form in to small balls which you then need to fry – you need just enough oil so that they are completely submerged – some photos:


We also had tabbouleh:

Soak bulgar wheat for a couple of hours in water.    Once the grains have swollen drain them and then put them in a clean tea towel to squeeze out as much moisture as possible.    Finely chop tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions, add salt and pepper, lots of chopped parsley and mint, a good slug of lemon juice and a good slug of olive oil.   I have not given amounts as it depends how much you want to make.  A photo:


And finally halloumi:

I have cooked halloumi this way for people before who have tried it saying that they have never liked halloumi but then loved it cooked this way.  If you have only ever had it grilled before and not seen what all the fuss is about, try it like this.   It is a Delia recipe, from her Summer Collection book.

Slice the halloumi and then toss each piece in well seasoned flour.   Then simply fry until golden brown on both sides.

The dressing to go with this is also delicious (and works as a salad dressing if you have any left over – or make too much!):

White wine vinegar – one tablespoon

Lime juice – one tablespoon

Olive Oil – one tablespoon

Capers – tablespoon

Garlic – one clove or more if you like more kick – finely chopped

Salt and pepper

Finely chopped parsley.

I always put the ingredients in a small round Tupperware container and then you can give the ingredients a good shake to mix them (remembering to put the lid on first of course) and you can keep any you don’t use for salad dressing for the next day.

Once the cheese has fried place the pieces on some kitchen roll to absorb any excess oil and then plate up and pour over a little of the dressing.   This is a truly wonderful combination.  Some photos:



Until tomorrow


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