Garden tidying

I seem to be running a day behind in this blog at the moment, yesterday I blogged about cooking done on Saturday and today is all about work in the garden yesterday.

The garden was sadly neglected in places so we needed to spend some time making it look a lot tidier.   I have to admit that I wont be sorry to leave this garden, it is very big and takes a lot of work just keeping it tidy, it is more a source of work than pleasure.  To be honest I am not all that sure I like gardening that much, it feels too much like housework outside.    I do like growing veg and fruit to eat but as we are on the move soon we haven’t done any of that this year, so maybe that is why it all just feels like a chore at the moment.

I forgot to take lots of before photos but this one below shows a small area that we didn’t get to.  Basically, after cutting the grass we worked on the weeds and moss that were covering the large terrace round the back of the house and that narrows round two sides of the house.   Some of the weeds were knee high, I’m rather ashamed to admit (they seem to have shot up in the last couple of weeks), and there was a lot of moss.   We removed most everything by hands, the two of us on our hands and knees for about three hours, pulling up the weeds and scrapping the moss.   As soon as the weather promises to be rain free for 24 hours I will spray some week-killer in the more stubborn spots.

So, as above, this is one small area that we didn’t get to, shown to give you an idea of what we were working on.


Here are some ‘after’ photos:


These photos are not great, I realise, but I had to wait for the rain to stop today and the sun was casting lots of shadow.

There is still some work to do next weekend – the area in the top photo and we have a very narrow path that runs under the windows at the front of the house that needs clearing.  It is hidden from the drive by two large beds filled with shrubs, small trees etc, but it does need clearing:


So plenty to keep us busy next weekend too, but it is beginning to look a lot tidier!

Today was spent mostly indoors (largely because of the rain) and because I had plenty of marking to get on with.

Hope you all had a good start to the week.


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