Progress – slow, but I am getting there!

I have been making slow but steady progress on my quilt –  I really didn’t appreciate what I was taking on when I started this project mumbly mumbly years ago!

When I first got it back out again to start working on it recently it looked like this:


Last week I posted an update to show that I had filled in the gaps along the long sides:


And I wrote about how the next step would be to ‘square up’ either end which were, at this stage, going in to points.   This is the stage I have made some progress on – although not squared both ends up yet:


As you can see I have only made progress on one end but I am getting there!   I think another couple of weeks and I should have got it in to a regular rectangle shape then I can put sort out the border and backing.

Then, of course, comes the quilting part – why oh why didn’t I research this whole project a bit before I started!    As the whole thing will be hand stitched, every part of it, then it stands to reason that I should hand quilt it.   All the quilting websites I have looked at wisely recommend you start with a small project for your first hand quilting – again, advice I really should have sought before I started all this.

However, I have come this far so I have to finish it and do the best I can.   The hand sewing is enjoyable but I am worried about making a pig’s ear of the quilting!

Until tomorrow…


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