Whoop Whoop it’s a long weekend!

I had small person home today as the school had an inset day.   It is half term next week so a nice long break.

We went swimming this morning – it was a real treat to be able to go when the pool was so quiet as there were no other children there!

We have not got a lot planned for the long weekend, a bit more garden tidying and, hopefully, a nice long cycle ride at some point.  I think the weather promises to be okay.

One thing that has been added to my weekend is jam making.  We are on the last jar of jam from all that I made last summer so a jam making session was looming.   This will now be happening this weekend as Aldi had rhubarb as one of their super six today so I bought plenty to make some rhubarb jam!


I also bought some frozen mixed summer berries.  I have some blackberries in the freezer from last year (I had made lots of blackberry jam too) but had frozen some berries for crumbles. However, we never eat big puddings like crumbles so I thought I would buy some frozen summer berries, add to the blackberries, and make some pots of mixed summer fruit jam – which is a particular favourite in this house.

So I guess this weekend I will mostly be making jam!  Lovely.  Small person has announced she will be having toast and jam for breakfast every day while she is on holiday!

Did any of you see the feature on BBC news this morning about Knitting Knockers – a small charity that knit or crochet cotton artificial breasts for women who have had mastectomies?  They are much lighter than a silicone prosthesis and the charity have just won an award for their charity work.   I have bookmarked the charity homepage and will look in to it.


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