A late start but a busy day…

I’m not quite sure where the time has gone today.   We did all have a bit of a lie-in, which is unusual.  Small person usually wakes us up at 7am on the weekend but today she slept in, and so did we.   I don’t set an alarm on Saturdays and usually don’t need to so it was a bit of surprise to wake up (as opposed to being woken up by small person), look at the time and see that it was 8.30.

The day has been reasonably productive despite the late start.    I have got some marking done and plenty of washing and general tidying and, as planned, some jam making.   The packs of rhubarb picked up in Aldi yesterday have been turned in to nine pots of rhubarb jam:


This was taken just after the jam was potted up so the jars were to hot to put the label on.  I will label them in the morning.    There was one pot that wasn’t filled quite to the top so that one will go in the fridge to be started very soon.   The rest will go in the store cupboard.   Nine pots of jam for just over £3.00 of ingredients is quite thrifty jam making I think.  I had a quick taste (of the small amount put on the cold saucer to test for setting) and it was good!

Toast and rhubarb jam for breakfast tomorrow I think.

I will make the summer fruit jam either tomorrow or Monday.

An evening of sewing beckons, more progress to be made on the quilt.

I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend so far.

Until tomorrow.


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