Guilty secret!

But not necessarily guilty pleasure!

Oh yes – it’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final week – now before you judge me too hastily let me explain – it’s all the fault of my seven year old daughter.   Yes, really, I would rather be judged for blaming my seven year old than I would for you thinking this viewing choice is mine!


A few weeks ago, one Friday after school, small person was reading through the Radio Times and announced that she wanted to watch Britain’s Got Talent on the next evening.   I cautiously asked what she knew about Britain’s Got Talent and she then told me that all her friends at school had been talking about it!   It’s the little things like this that really make you realise how little influence you can have as a parent!

And so our viewing began, and this week it is the live semi-finals and our evenings are now structured around this extravaganza (I use the term loosely) of talent (again, another term being used loosely).

Small person is fed, bathed and in PJs before it starts and we are not letting her stay up for the results show as it finishes just too late (she is watching that on catch-up the day after).  If it wasn’t half term she wouldn’t be staying up to see the first part of the evening, but it is, so…

So far we have seen dancing (some good, some bad), lots of singing (some good, some bad), a couple of dog acts and a variety of other acts.   And there are still more semi-finals to come.   Will the talent never end (start!).    That’s a bit harsh, I have enjoyed the choirs – the Welsh choir last night were great and I loved the gospel choir tonight.  One or two of the acts are mildly amusing once but you wouldn’t want to see them more than once or pay money to see them.

I guess I sound really Ba Humbug! (and I am) but on the plus side  small person is loving it and I do enjoy watching her enjoying something so much.

Other than that I have spent the day marking (OH has taken a few days off this week to be with small person because it is half term), I’m bogged down with marking this time of year so can’t take a week off.

This evening is taken up with a bit of sewing on the quilt.

So, anyone want to share their guilty secret?


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