At the risk of beginning to sound like a right old crosspatch (beginning to?) I am feeling a little grumpy with small person’s school.

They sent out an email at the end of last week, just after the school broke up for half term, saying that they want all the children to come to school in fancy dress on the first Friday back – specifically medieval fancy dress – because they are doing lots of work on the Magna Carta.   As we live near Runnymede they have been on a visit to the Runnymede Memorial which was great,  I am just not sure what dressing up in medieval fancy dress really adds to their learning.

I know kids, mostly, love dressing up, and that I probably sound like a real curmudgeon but this is the third fancy dress day since Christmas.   I’m not sure they stop and think sometimes about what this means for parents – either the expense of buying a costume or making something, which could still cost money in terms of materials and the time involved to make something.   Sometimes, depending on the fancy dress theme, you can adapt something but nothing in small person’s wardrobe is particularly medieval.

I have had a rummage today through the stash and I think I have got enough suitable material to run something up:


So I guess I will be making fancy dress this weekend!

Once I get started on making something I will start to enjoy it and it is fun to watch the children go in on a dress up day all looking all kinds of wonderful – but three such days since Christmas is a bit much I feel.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Grrrr!

  1. oh I totally agree. One is plenty. Three since Christmas is far too many. My daughter’s school recently had Roman Day. Kids were asked to go in dressed in Roman attire. The letter from school asked for £10 for the day – fine, outside people were coming in with different and fun activities for them to do, and the money also helped with the cost of a Roman feast. There was a link on the letter to a site that I assumed showed how to make your own costume. Wrong. They sold them. With P&P the cost would have been over £30 .. for something to wear for one day!!! Nope. Made my own, and managed to do it for about £10, which was plenty but much better than £30.

    So I see your point, and while one dressing up day is good fun, three .. not so much!


    1. I am glad someone agrees with me, I think one per school year is enough. I think the £10 for the activities at your daughter’s school is, as you say, fine but ooh that is cheeky – the link to the site selling costumes!


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