And so the week rolls on…

Britain has still, apparently, got talent – only one semi-final to go – whoop whoop!  Small person has managed to maintain her excitement levels for the BGT extravaganza and has strong views, every night, of just who should go through.  The results show, watched over Weetabix at breakfast time (where we can at least fast forward through the adverts), are anxious times indeed!

Today has been spent moderating marked exam scripts, a very necessary job to ensure parity.   That really is the sum total of my day – exam script moderating from 6.30 (with a short breakfast break) until 6.30 this evening.   OH had the day off to be with small person.   More moderating to do over the weekend and the first couple of days of next week and then it will all be done, results will be officially recorded and then released to the students.   I always feel, this time of year, every year, that my frown lines get a little bit deeper and my eyesight gets a little bit weaker.   No matter how much we stress to students the importance of legibility the quality of writing written under exam conditions can be challenging.

I have been working on the quilt most evenings, not getting a huge amount done but steady  progress:


A stack of hexi-flowers ready to be sewn on to the main quilt, probably tomorrow night.

I will do another photo when added.

Small person had been invited for a play date tomorrow but I had a phone call this evening asking if the play date could switch venues to here because the dad of her friend needs to work from home tomorrow so needs a bit of peace and quiet.    I have to admit that my heart sank a little as housework hasn’t featured that highly this week because I have been so busy – so I guess I will be getting up early to have a frantic tidy-up and clean round before they arrive!

Until tomorrow…


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