It’s Friday – well for another 35 minutes it is – gosh, I’m late tonight

Very late tonight!     The play date today went well.  I got up early and did a quick tidy-up and clean round so that I could let people in the house without feeling completely ashamed!

The small people did some colouring and lego for a while and then I asked them if they would like to make some bath bombs which they thought was a great idea.

It did get messy but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up.    They were given a choice of moulds and seemed to enjoy making them.  They were scented with sweet orange essential oil so the dining room smelled wonderfully fruity.


We all had lunch out – the local church hall runs a little café in the daytime and serve simple but tasty lunches which helps to raise money for the various projects the church runs for local people in need of help.

It was nice to have a day free of marking but I will have to put a few hours in tomorrow afternoon.

We are planning a little jaunt to Windsor tomorrow morning – it is only three miles away, we will just have a couple of hours there first thing.

I am hopeful that the charity shops will be worth visiting….. I will let you know of any bargains I find.

Until tomorrow….


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