A weekend round-up and a look to the week ahead

I didn’t get round to posting last night as by the time I had finished doing the work I needed to do I was just too tired.

This is mainly what I have been up to this weekend:


Exam papers – there is no confidentiality breech here – they are all face down and nothing is visible.   These were all split over yesterday and today.   I worked quite late last night because I did take a couple of hours off in the morning so we could all go to Windsor.   We had a nice time, not many bargains to be had in the charity shops though, only this:


It was £3.00 which was cheaper than you can get it, even on Amazon.  Small person, like most children, loves Lego so this will be a great source of further inspiration.

But other than that it really has been a weekend of marking madness.   Still  not much left to do now.  Tomorrow and Tuesday will see an end of it.

I have managed to plan the menu for the week:

Today:  Not long finished a glorious roast beef dinner

Monday:  Vegetable soup and homemade bread

Tuesday:  Ragu

Wednesday:  Homemade quiche

Thursday:  Chilli

Friday:  Fish night

I do hope you have all had a good weekend.   There have been some proud parents beaming in wedding photos in one or two of the blogs I read (Sue and Col at Our Quiet Life in Suffolk looking very proud and very lovely with their daughter and new son-in-law – who also looked fabulous).

Until tomorrow…


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