Alien Kitchen

A sure sign of desperation tonight – this is not a blog post about any making, mending, or crafting that I have done – because I haven’t mended, made (except food) or crafted anything for days – but if you add an r in making it becomes marking, that is all I have done for days.

But as I think you are probably very tired of me talking about that I knew I had to come up with something else – but there really was nothing else.   I have made dinner over the last few nights but no new recipes have been tried out.  I had run out of body dusting powder so I made up a quick pot of that, but I have posted my recipes for body dusting powder before so I didn’t want to repeat that.

As it is the first of the month I set out my monthly budget, did the relevant banking, looked at any non-routine expenditure that might come up over the coming month and made provision for that – but there is not much more to say about any of that.   I have made the beds every day – but does anyone want to read a post about making beds? NO!  For the record I don’t make them as soon as we are all up as I like to ‘air’ them, so I pull the quilts back tidily to the end of the bed and leave them for a few hours and then make them properly.  Not really enough there for an enticing blog post though is it?

So I could keep rambling on like this for another couple of hundred words but I wonder if anyone has bothered reading this far.   So, ‘what is the point of this all this’ you might ask (if you are still reading).   Yesterday it rained a lot so small person was inside pretty much all day, I was busy marking (have I mentioned that at all?), after keeping herself busy and being very productive for a while, small person announced she had made an ‘Alien Kitchen’, complete with a family of aliens:


Now before you think ‘oh gawd, she is going to become one of those irritating and tiresome people who thinks every piece of tat  their child makes is wonderful and bore us with photos about it’ – I promise I am not.   This will not happen again!

This really was/is an attempt to create a lighthearted post about how desperate I am tonight to come up with something that ties in with my ‘mendingmakingcrafting’ name.  And that was the best I could do!

You see I really haven’t had a lot of time because of all the marking – did I mention the marking at all?………


4 thoughts on “Alien Kitchen

  1. Eventually marking will become a thing of the past – until then plough away and I’m sure an end will be in sight. You have ‘made’ me thankful that I am no longer in the ‘marking’ arena and little person has ‘made’ a wonderful Lego kitchen for me to enjoy.
    PS Soon be summer.


    1. Thank you! I am glad the alien kitchen was liked – she was very proud of it! And I can say – ta dah, hurrah and whoop whoop – I finished the very last piece of marking today, all scripts returned to the university, marks entered on the appropriate spreadsheet, MA marking completed and returned – stick a fork in me – I’m done!


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