Cupboards, cleaning and clutter

Whoop whoop, hurrah and fiddle-di-di – it’s done – the dreaded m word will be no more (for this academic year) – scripts returned, result spread sheets completed, MA marks agreed – and now……?

So this evening I have been contemplating getting back on track with the house sorting in anticipation of our move in the summer.    Lots of cupboards to empty, clean, and sort (clear unwanted stuff).  Also, in terms of cleaning, there are some bigger pieces of furniture that haven’t been moved for a while that I want to get behind and clean before the removal men start packing up all our possessions and the horror of the hidden dust is revealed – the shame!   Before you wonder, I am not talking about things like the sofa – I do move that regularly! Honest!  No, what I am referring to is big bookcases, each shelf doubled stacked with books and with books horizontally on top of the two deep vertical books, that need emptying , pulled out and cleaned behind.   OH usually gets home early on a Friday so I have suggested that we tackle one a week each Friday and we should get round all of them in time for the move.

Other than that, some more general decluttering – I really don’t want to pay to move stuff we don’t need.

Immediate making plans are a medieval costume for small person for a school dress up day on Friday – I will make a start on that tomorrow.   More work on the quilt and, a few weeks ago I sorted some fabric that I had for clothes making, so I want to get started on that.  Clothes for small person in the first instance but I am hoping to make something for myself.

A bit of sewing in front of the TV tonight is planned – quilt sewing.

Sad to hear of the sudden death of Charles Kennedy, an all -round good egg it seems, one hopes he is remembered for his integrity and his achievements rather than his alcohol problems.  55 is far too young.

Until tomorrow…

P.S. Thanks for a couple of nice comments yesterday – it is so nice to hear from people


2 thoughts on “Cupboards, cleaning and clutter

    1. I like your blog, it is one I look at every day – I need to work out how to do the list-thing down the side of my blog, of the blogs I follow. There are many I look at every day without fail but I have not yet worked out how to list them!


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