I got my sewing machine out today – for the first time in ages.

I have run up two costumes for small person on it since Christmas (for school dress-up days!) and I have another costume to make for Friday.  But today I just got the machine out to play around with the spare feet that it has – I haven’t used any of them for so long, so I tried them all in turn and had a little play around with scraps of fabric.


I don’t think I have ever used the darning/free embroidery foot and I will have to see if I can find a tutorial on YouTube as I couldn’t get on with this at all today.  But it was  nice to get the machine out and just play around without any sense of pressure to get on and get something finished – although, to be fair, that will be tomorrow when I am trying to get the dress-up day costume made!

I did also have a search around on line and have finally (I have looked before but with no luck) managed to find over-lock zigzagger foot for my machine (a very old Viscount Super Delux circa 1960).   One of the reasons I had been thinking about buying a new machine was because this machine didn’t do zigzag and I was wanting to get a little bit more serious about clothes making and I knew zigzag would be necessary to preventing fraying.   So I will give the new foot a go as soon as it arrives and see if this will be enough, for now, to get me going on some clothes making.

I realise that serious dress makers would probably want a machine to do a lot more than zigzag but I think that will do me for now.   If I get a feel for it (and am able to make anything that is wearable!) then I can progress to more complicated kit as and when.   But I think a zigzagger will probably do me for a while yet.

I can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can try it out.

Lovely sunshine here today, although I am feeling chilly now.  Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Playing!

  1. I hope that you have fun with your sewing machine. It sounds as though it is only a couple of years older than mine, I do have zig zag and straight stitch, but nothing else! No extra feet or anything! We get along reasonably well, so I hope that you can enjoy your experimenting and sew some great things! xx


    1. I think it is the zigzagger that will be the foot I use the most, to be honest I can’t remember when I have ever used the other feet – but I have only every made quite simple stuff; a few clothes for myself in my late teens, bits and pieces for the house (cushion covers etc) and fancy dress costumes for small person – which only ever get worn once so the finish isn’t all that important!


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