A medieval make

Dress up day at school today was a great success – so small person informs me. They had a ‘banquet’ (with apples, raisins, biscuits and oranges) and ‘mock wine’ (blackcurrant squash).   Small person loved her dress and cloak:


Hopefully no medieval historian buffs will feel the need to point out how historically inaccurate it probably is!

I got the Aldi shop done this morning.  Periodically I do a receipt check against Sainsburys (where I used to shop) just to make sure I am still saving by going to Aldi.  About a year or so ago the price difference was usually £8-10  saved each week by going to Aldi, just lately when I have checked the difference on a like-for-like shop this has come down, being around £4-5 a week now.  So I guess it shows how the big supermarkets are having to adjust to compete.   At £4-5 it is still worth the saving though.

Spent most of the afternoon battling nausea and headache so am off to bed in a minute – hence the much earlier than usual blog post.

I was disappointed not to get any of the dramatic weather that was promised here today. I noticed that Sue over at Our Quiet Life in Suffolk got plenty but here it was very uneventful.   I do like a good thunder storm!

I hope you all have things to look forward to this weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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