When the postman knocks!

Don’t you just love it when the postman knocks at the door!   Our postman did this morning and it only ever means one thing – a parcel!

My new toy arrived today:


My zigzagger foot with original box and instructions.   What I don’t know is if this has been knocking around, unused, since the 1960s when the machine I have was made, or whether there is a factory in Japan (it says made in Japan on the box) that is making these attachments knowing these machines are still in use and are making the packaging look old or retro.   To be honest I don’t mind either way, the end result is I have got a much needed new foot for my machine and I have blogged early tonight so I can go and play.

We had small person’s school summer fair today – it was a lovely day with glorious weather, the children all had a great time and the parents were able to sit on the grass chatting (and perhaps having a glass or two of Pimms) which the children explored the stalls, games, watched the birds of prey display, medieval fire fighting display, etc.

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday:   Lasagne (which I have just made)

Sunday:  Cassoulet

Monday:  Tuna fishcakes

Tuesday:  Homemade chicken pie (from the freezer)

Wednesday:  Salmon, pasta and salad

Thursday: Vegetable curry and homemade herby flatbreads

Friday:  Fish night

I do hope you have all enjoyed nice weather today.

Until tomorrow…



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