Weekend round-up and a recipe

Today was quieter than yesterday – quite a bit of work done in the garden – grass and weeds growing with gusto – so needed to be dealt with.

I made a start on a scrappy crochet blanket  – I posted a couple of weeks ago about having a load of leftover wool and wondered whether the charity should would make more from the unused wool or a blanket made from the wool.   During my recent visits to the charity shop I noticed that unused wool sells for pennies but big blankets usually sell for not a  bad price.   Very reasonable for someone in need of a warm bargain but more than the sum of the parts sold individually.   So I made a start on my scrappy blanket today.

We cooked cassoulet for dinner tonight and it was really good – I will share the recipe here, should anyone find it useful.   We looked through our collection of cookbooks and found many cassoulet recipes and each one was different so we took what suited us from each and used up what we had bought for it.  Here is our version of a classic French peasant dish:

2 cups of haricot beans (soaked overnight last  night)

6 Toulouse sausages

4 slices of belly pork

2 duck legs

2 large onions

herbs and seasoning to taste.

Basic instructions:

After soaking the beans overnight they were drained this morning and then simmered for an hour and a half with herbs, seasoning, one onion chopped in half and put in, and a couple of carrots.

While the beans were cooking all the meat was browned in a pan, the fat from the duck legs was used to fry two chopped onions.

The beans were drained – keeping the cooking liquid.   We removed and ditched the mushy onion and carrots.   Then the beans, pan fried onions, browned meat and cooking liquid from the beans were all put together in the slow cooker with some more herbs and seasoning and it was left to gently cook all day.   A couple of hours before eating we added a little bit of flour to thicken the sauce.   We served this with shredded steamed cabbage and carrots.   We decided not to have potatoes so I made a fresh loaf and we had a buttered slice or two of that with our dinner to mop up all the juices.    It was all very delicious and very easy.


I think a bit of needlework (quilt) or crochet will be done tonight and that’s about it.

We all sat in the garden for a long time this afternoon, me and OH both reading, small person switching between reading and colouring, it was all very relaxing.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, until tomorrow…



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