Bathtime making

I made some bath bombs today – I wanted to make some as a gift for a friend I am seeing later in the week.

I couldn’t decide between lavender or rose so I made both.  I know that there are thousands of sites online with instructions for making bath bombs but I will put mine here, if it should be of use to anyone.


1 cup granulated citric acid

2 cups bicarbonate of soda

1 teaspoon essential oil

1 teaspoon oil (I always use grapeseed)

A small handful of any botanicals you might like to add

Witch hazel – a few squirts from a spray bottle

Mix the bicarb and citric acid and make sure you rub away any lumps.

If you are adding botanicals then you can add them now.   Sometimes I add the botanicals to put through the mixture, sometimes – like today – I put the botanicals in the mould so that they are pressed in to the top of the bath bomb when it is removed from the mould.  Today I made six bath bombs in heart shaped silicone moulds – three with dried lavender, three with dried rose petals:


Once you have thoroughly mixed the dry ingredients you can add your essential oil and grapeseed oil.   I split my mixture in to two before adding the essential oils as I wanted three with lavender essential oil and three with rose geranium essential oil.

Once the oils have been added add a very small amount of water – this is best done from a spray bottle to control the amount.  You want to make the mixture feel like slightly damp sand.   If you add to much water the bombs will expand over the top of the mould and you will lose the shape.  So simply spray the mixture a couple of times with the water bottle and you will be fine.

Then simply press the mixture in to your mould of choice and leave to set – this will take a few hours to set firmly – you don’t want them crumbling as you push them out of the mould.



I think they make a nice gift, hopefully my friend will too.

Until tomorrow…


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