Crochet and clutter

Quite a busy day today.    I had to pop in to town for a few things and managed to have a quick cup of tea with a friend, and a good chat.  On the way home I called by the local garage to book the car in for a small job that needs to be done.

Back at home I spent a good few hours doing some writing and feel reasonably pleased with what I managed to get done.  It needs work but it is progress.  I should have a full writing day tomorrow and on Thursday which will be good.

I have made progress with my scrappy crochet blanket that I am making to use up leftover wool.    Isn’t it funny when you find bags of leftover wool and you have no memory of what you bought the wool for in the first place?   Still, the blanket will help to keep someone warm in the winter:


At the moment it is just about big enough to keep a small cat warm but ‘From small things, Mama, big things one day come’.

Now marking madness is over it is also time to attack the pre-move decluttering – I had a blitz when I got small person home from school  today and made a fair bit of progress.   The last lot of bags were taken to the charity shop a couple of weeks ago.  I am going to wait until I build up a bit more before I do another car run but progress has been made:


A bit of tv tonight and a bit more crochet and or quilt sewing.   Until tomorrow…


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