Does anyone else think that sometimes a bowl of Cornflakes with ice cold milk makes the most perfect meal?

I have had a splitting headache all afternoon (again), it has finally gone but I really only fancy one thing for dinner – a bowl of cornflakes:

During the year 1906, William and his brother created a company to ...

So that is me sorted for dinner, these will be followed by an early night.

I have been getting some work done today, actually had quite a productive day despite the headache but enough is enough – cornflakes and bed are calling – will possibly be in bed before small person tonight!    Don’t worry she wont be left to sort herself out – OH will take care of that!

Until tomorrow….


6 thoughts on “Cornflakes

  1. My boyfriend often has cornflakes for dinner! Personally I’m not a fan, I always moan at him for not having a “proper” meal. Seems maybe I’m in the wrong and it’s not as uncommon as I thought! 😀 Hope your head is feeling better tomorrow, headaches are so draining x


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