Ripe strawberries, ripe!

The title isn’t meant to be a very tenuous link to the death of Ron Moody,  but actually meant to refer to the few strawberries I have growing and that some have now been eaten.

OH and small person are not all that bothered about strawberries so I don’t grow lots, though I usually manage a small but steady supply through the summer.    It occurred to me yesterday though that my strawberries never make it to a plate or bowl, as soon as there are a couple that are ripe I pick them, give them a quick rinse and eat them straightaway, warm from the sun.   I tend to see them as a garden snack, I pick a couple as I come back in from hanging washing out, or I go out for a potter around to have a sniff of my roses and then snaffle a couple of strawberries, I treat them like a garden fast food.

OH does like strawberry jam, as does small person, and we don’t have any homemade strawberry jam left from last year.   OH did wonder if we should go strawberry picking to get lots so that I can make a good supply of jam – it would be quite a novelty to be picking strawberries and not eating them on the spot – you are allowed to taste a couple though, aren’t you, as long as you are honest and put an appropriate amount of money in the confessional box at the weighing point?

We spent most of today down in Egham at the Magna Carta day – a street festival with lots of stalls and entertainment – it was a jolly day, a little overcast and cooler than yesterday, lots of fun was had.

Menu plan for the week:

Today – homemade chicken kiev, mash and salad

Sunday –  slow cooked brisket of beef, roast potatoes, veg, Yorkshire puddings

Monday – pasta with sauce (bacon, tomatoes, spring onions, soft cheese)

Tuesday – steamed white fish, parsley sauce, mash and peas

Wednesday – tuna salad with new potatoes

Thursday – scone based pizza

Friday – home made fish and chip night

I do hope you are all having a good weekend.  Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Ripe strawberries, ripe!

    1. Had two more today! Scone based pizza is good and quick – no need to faff around with proper dough – which we are more likely to do at the weekend – but you still get the nice topping. I did a recipe post a week or so ago – I am not sure how to do a link to my own old posts but it will be under ‘food’ if you are interested.


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