It is growing….

A very quick post tonight as it is a night for a ‘small person and mummy sleepover’. Once in a while small person likes to have a ‘sleepover’ – what this means is that she and I sleep in the big double bed in the spare room, with me going to bed the same time as her. We read stories and snuggle down for a ‘sleepover’, so I am frantically typing this while she is finishing off her bath – which OH is in charge of tonight.

The scrappy crochet blanket is growing, but to be honest I haven’t done much work on it this weekend:

Lots more to do to make it a decent size but I will grow quite quickly.

Today we were busy at Royal Holloway – they had a Charter Festival because of the Magna Carta anniversary so went spent a lot of time there today – lots of activities and a wonderful concert by the RH choir in the chapel – quite marvellous.

Dinner tonight was slow cooked beef brisket – so delicious and as it was cooked in the slow cooker with lots of mushrooms and onions there is enough leftover to make a beef and mushroom pie for another day – yum!

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “It is growing….

  1. What a lovely idea, a small person and mummy sleepover, I like the sound of that. I also like the sound of your beef brisket, we’re big fans of brisket in our house. It used to be a cheap cut of meat but it’s quite expensive now, but cooked slowly it’s absolutely delicious. I think it has such a fantastic flavour.


    1. Small person gets more sleep than mummy does though usually – it’s quite hard to get to sleep when you have got two arms wrapped tightly round your neck and a small face pressed up against your cheek! I have to wait until she is really sound asleep before I can peel her off me and get comfortable myself! But I’m not complaining really, I do like that she wants to do this every now and again – and it wont be too long before she decides she is too old for it so I make the most of it now. The brisket was fantastic, it is certainly still one of the cheapest ways of having beef but you’re right, not as cheap as it used to be.


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