Memory Lane

Today had been set aside for a little bit of work and some major pre-move decluttering.

I sorted out four bags of clothes for the charity shop in super-quick time, I didn’t fanny about and was quite ruthless.

Then I decided to tackle two big boxes that were in the back of my wardrobe, these boxes contained lots of photographs.    These are not all the photographs we have, I do have lots of albums from my life with OH and of small person from birth, I also have all of my mums’ photograph albums so I have got all the family photos from my side of the family going back to my parents’ childhoods.   But I knew these two boxes contained even more unsorted photographs.    I foolishly believed I could sort through these in super-quick time but soon discovered that you don’t race down memory lane you stroll.

memory lane is a new and exciting project for tigers bay com but it ...

I did get through them all but, my goodness, it took a while.   I was quite ruthless in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, but I did have a lot of fun looking through them.   There were packets and packets of photos all from various stages of my life and it was odd at times looking at photographs of myself as a teenager and in my 20s and trying to remember how different the me then was from the me now.   I am not sure if I came to any conclusions on that one.

I got rid of more than half of them – I decided I didn’t need 40 photos of myself partying in Ibiza aged 19 – but I kept a couple for small person to chuckle over (or be mortified by) in the future.   My approach soon became one of just selecting one or two photos from each packet as   being representative of the particular event or occasion that had deemed worthy of capturing on print, and ditching the rest.  I was more generous, in terms of allowance, when it came to family (immediate and wider) gatherings but packets of photos that captured the high jinks of my youth and early adulthood could be fairly represented by the selection of just one or two.

There were photos of people I could no longer even name (these were mostly in packets of photos taken on school trips), so again I just kept a few that I was in that also denoted the place, and ditched the rest.

It was a fun few hours and quite cathartic, I didn’t have any qualms over ditching so many photographs.  For the most part I wondered why I hadn’t done it before.

Off to do some sewing now for an hour or so.    I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather today.

Until tomorrow…


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