Avalance alert

I think I need to do a charity shop run – the bags of decluttered goods are now becoming a bit of a hazard in the hallway.  Me and OH would be alright but I’m not sure small person and the cats would get off that lightly if they toppled!

I might be exaggerating slightly but they are piling up.    It is good to see it build, and it will be even better to see it all gone.   I am making sure I do at least an hour of pre-move sorting, clearing or tidying each day on top of regular housework and this seems to be enough to make me feel I am on track to get it done on time but not so much that it seems overwhelming.

I know there will probably be a mad panic in the last week or so but I think that is inevitable, there is no point stressing about it, it will happen, we will get through it and emerge the other side.

Tonight will be some quilt stitching (I wont repeat on here the mutterings that regularly come from OH about us needing one removal van just for all my sewing and knitting stuff and that ‘unfinished thing’ – meaning the quilt!)  I haven’t replied with sarcasm about his guitar collection yet.  Eight, he has eight!  I mean who needs 8 guitars?  I think he thinks he’s Eric Clapton!

Anyway some fabric and some cut pieces:


Off to do some stitching…

Until tomorrow…



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