Binge reading and some makes for Father’s Day

I have recently started reading the Railway Detective novels by Edward Marston.  This being no. 4:


I’ve made the mistake of reading too many over quite a short space of time and now I’m a bit fed up with some of the characters.   There is no character development and I think there should be when novels are issued as a series.   I understand that if you read them spaced apart as they are published then perhaps the lack of character development is less noticeable.   Not that I think that is an excuse.   I think it is rather lazy writing when characters become almost caricatures of themselves.    The superintendent is boorish, inflexible and impatient and still seems to spend most of each novel not trusting the instincts of his detective inspector (Colbeck the ‘Railway Detective’) until the very end of novel when Colbeck solves the case.    As this is case number 4 then surely he would have learned to trust him a bit by now?    Colbeck’s sidekick is a perfectly nice character but has not developed at all and the father of Colbeck’s love interest is also tiresomely repetitive.    I know these are lightweight detective fiction novels but I don’t think that excuses poor character development.   The plots are good enough but I am bored with the characters now so I think I will stop at 4.

That aside, it has been village fete day today.  The weather could have been better but the rain did hold off until it ended.   Small person had lots of fun – donkey rides, huge inflatable slides, archery and dog dancing.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and she has made OH some spicy bath bricks (bath bombs really but made in a mould that makes them look like small house bricks) with ginger and black pepper essential oils, homemade chocolate gingers (melted milk and plain chocolate poured in to silicone ice cube moulds that she had put small bits of chopped ginger in.    And a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer (which I bought at the supermarket but she wanted to pay for out of her pocket money) – there is an obvious theme here – OH loves ginger!

I hope you have all had a nice Saturday.

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Binge reading and some makes for Father’s Day

  1. Wait until you get to about the 7th or 8th ….they get worse! Very predictable. He has written so many different series of historical crime and they all seem to tail off towards the end and then he starts a new series!


    1. I knew he was prolific but it seems that it comes at the expense of standards and quality. In this one I have just finished there were also quite a few small errors so the editing is not what it should be either. At one point the housekeeper of one of the characters comes in with a plate of biscuits and on the next page several references are made to people eating scones – it’s hardly plot changing but still very sloppy.


  2. I think that you are right, when you read a series of books it reads differently than if you just read one and then another at a later date. It should be like a tv series in that you want to get to the next one as soon as possible shouldn’t it. xx


    1. Yes it should and I do think that if you are going to use the same characters in a series of novels then those characters should develop, it is lazy to just have them repeat the same ideas across so many novels.


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