‘I’m partial to a sausage’

No, my blog hasn’t been hacked by Frankie Howard or Kenneth Williams.   It was something small person said to me today that meant the dinner planned for tomorrow was brought forward to today.

When asked why she wanted sausages today instead of tomorrow the above was her reply.   I suggested that she would be equally partial to them tomorrow but she insisted they were more of a Tuesday dinner than a Wednesday.    The total lack of logic backed up by her simple matter-of-fact tone meant that I switched.  It really isn’t a big deal what gets eaten on what night as long as the overall plan stays in place and we don’t waste food.

I cooked the sausages, peppers and salad potatoes all in one big roasting pan.   I can’t remember the last time I had so little washing up to do.   This was loosely based on a simple supper dish on Mary Berry’s recent Friday night tv series.   It wasn’t really a recipe just an idea for one dish cooking and anything that reduces washing up works for me.   Chopped salad potatoes, chopped peppers and half a dozen sausages all coated with a couple of tablespoons of oil.   Cook at 200 for 45 minutes, turn the sausages halfway through.

It was enjoyed!




Until tomorrow…



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