Into the Abyss…

Or the attic as it is more commonly known!


Oh yes, I have dared to open the attic hatch – the decluttering has moved on apace and the space above our heads can be ignored no longer.   We have lived in this house for just shy of 10 years and have made full use of the attic storage space.   Beyond what is immediately visible I have only a vague idea of what is in there.   There is a lot of baby/toddler stuff  but what else … I do not know.

I know I am going to be pulling stuff out and asking myself why I bothered to go to the effort to put it in there in the first place – that is the very nature of attic clutter.

I anticipate keeping next to nothing; the toddler/baby stuff wont be needed again and as I managed to live without whatever else is up there I can’t imagine I will suddenly need it now.  But we do need to clear it.

I sorted three big sacks of toddler clothes today.  There is some broken furniture to dispose of – that is what I can see next (and see above re. the question – why did I even put broken furniture in there anyway?) and then some boxes – content unknown.    This next small phase will be tackled in the morning.   If I do a bit each day then I should be done with the attic contents within a fortnight.

So far the decluttering process is much easier than I imagined – I think you reach a point when you know that it is time for certain stuff to go.

Dealing with estate agents, that’s another matter…

Until tomorrow.


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