Hot, hot, hot!

It certainly was today.     Had several hours in the sun this afternoon as it was small person’s school sports day.   I’m the sort of person who prefers shade on a sunny day – I’m happy to be outside as long as there is a bit of shade.  There is no shade on the school field so I was plastered in sun cream and had a hat on – red hair and fair skin mean that I am not naturally suited to the sun!

More decluttering today – four big boxes of baby/toddler clothes removed from the attic ready for our neighbour, who is six months pregnant and expecting a girl, to look through and see if there is anything she would like.  I removed broken furniture from the attic and put it with the pile of stuff in the garden that is waiting to go to the tip.     I also a went through a couple of bookcase shelves and thinned them a little.

Everyday a little bit of progress is made.

And the scrappy crochet blanket is growing:


It is not far off being big enough to cover a bed.   There are quite a lot of dark colours but the wool I have left is in slightly lighter shades so that will lift it a bit.   Once it is done it can go off to the charity shop.

I am going to do some more to it now and then bed.   Several hours in the sun always leaves me feeling drained – I am  a wuss.

Until tomorrow…


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