Making me hobble like an old woman and a bit of list making

Me knees!     Well not both of them, just the left one.  I got up from my desk earlier to answer the phone and must have stood up in an awkward way, I felt a pull and heard a click and it has been hurting ever since.  So I’m hobbling around and in quite a lot of pain.

However, moaning aside: today has been spent mostly on the phone with estate agents and removal firms.   I got my Aldi shop done first thing and have done a bit more decluttering.

Tonight I am list making:  with the move getting ever closer I have gone in to list making over-drive as it’s the only thing that helps me to feel I am on top of things.

I have always been a list person.   I have a short list in my diary each day of things I need to do that day – work related.   Shopping lists – could not function in a supermarket without one.   Packing list if going away (even for a weekend).   There is always a longer work to-do list.  Research plan list.  Amazon wish list.  I now have a Persephone book wish list (thanks to Sue over at Our Quiet Life in Suffolk!!).

And I do cross things off when done.  There is something extremely satisfying about putting a line through something.   I remember the week before I got married I had quite a ‘to do’ list.   We got married five days before Christmas and about four or five days before the wedding I got home from work and wrapped all the Christmas presents that I would be taking to the hotel the day before the wedding to give to family. I guess I spent about two and a half hours wrapping presents and then went to cross the task off my list.  Only to discover that I hadn’t actually written this task on the list.    So I wrote it on just so I could cross it off!

I’m a list girl…

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Making me hobble like an old woman and a bit of list making

  1. I know people who write things on a list they’ve already done just so they can cross it off! I’m too much of a lazy procrastinating sloth to make lists. Although my terrible memory means I have to write a shopping list now for EVERYTHING!!


    1. ‘lazy procrastinating sloth’! Dare I suggest you are being a little harsh on yourself! Shopping lists are vital – you get what you need and if you stick to it you don’t buy lots of things you don’t need!


    1. Thank you! I went swimming this morning as I thought it might help (as I was still hobbling when I got up) and it does feel better now, not completely right but much better. I usually keep a small notebook in my bag too!


  2. Sounds as though you are doing pretty well with your lists!! Don’t you just hate it when you do something like you did to your knee and you don’t really know what you did, I had something similar also with my knee, very irritating! Although I don’t love painful knees, I do love a list too!! xx


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