Crunch, crunch, crunch

OH wanted homemade burgers for dinner tonight which are easy enough.   Because the weather is so much warmer neither of us wanted potatoes or buns so I chopped lots of garlic and mushrooms to make garlic mushrooms and made lots of crisp salads:  tomato and red onion, cucumber and spring onions and a green salad.


There was also some homemade coleslaw with onion and carrots.

Today has been reasonably busy – I went for a swim early this morning as I thought it would help my knee and it certainly felt better after a good 45 minute swim.  I think I will go again tomorrow morning.

My pregnant neighbour came in today to go through a load of baby clothes I had sorted out.  It is good to know that it will all get used again.  So far I have sorted large bundles of 0-3 month size, 3-6 month and 6-9 month.  There is still 9-12 months to do and 12-24 months.

We had to pop in to Egham today to pick up some more charity shop bags to fill and pick up a couple of things in Waitrose that I couldn’t get in Aldi yesterday.

We had been getting very anxious about one of our cats.   One of them has a habit or disappearing for a couple of days now and then but he had been missing since Monday morning.  So we made missing posters today with a recent photo on them and set off round the local area to put them up.   We went to the houses near us and knocked to see if anyone had seen him but no one had, so came home after putting the posters up.  Small person was quite upset, OH went out across the fields behind the house to look for him (again – he did this on Thursday too).  Still nothing.

OH was putting small person to bed and I went to the kitchen to clear up and who should be sitting on the outside kitchen windowsill – one (no longer) missing cat!    He was absolutely fine, not hungry, not distressed and, of course, offered no explanation of where he had been.  He is now snoozing in from of the tv:


Until tomorrow…


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