Stawberries and Cream

Unfortunately not actual strawberries and cream, eaten at Wimbledon, watching the tennis but Aldi Strawberries and cream ice cream eaten on the sofa watching Wimbledon on the tv!


And very nice it was too.   I did have actual strawberries and natural yogurt for breakfast though.

Cliché alert – what a scorcher today!

Even though it was as hot as Hades today I did get some fairly big jobs done.   Two runs out in the car to get rid of clutter.   Twenty sacks of usable clothes, shoes and linen to the British Heart Foundation shop.    The second trip was to take 167 books to the charity book shop.    We still have a lot of books and two removal firms have already been round and sucked their teeth at the groaning book shelves.   I just want a quotation for the cost, not their opinion on my lifestyle/hobby!

The cats have been indoors all day, far too hot for them outside.   This one ventured out an hour or so ago for the first time today:


There is not an awful lot of mending, making or crafting going on here at the moment as life is geared towards decluttering and moving.  I did sew up a hole in a pair of legging belonging to small person the other day but that hardly warrants a blog post in its own right!     Food is not that adventurous in this hot weather – salad, salad, salad……..or for a bit of variety – strawberries, strawberries, strawberries.

Hope you are all coping with this heat.  Until tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “Stawberries and Cream

  1. Oh yes, I remember the teeth sucking!!! It isn’t quite as bad as the teeth sucking that builders do, but very close!! We had teeth sucking over books, CD’s, china, plant pots….. As you say, you are paying them to move it, not comment on it!!! Hope that you get it sorted. Sounds as though you are doing very well on the sorting and clearing!!! xx


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